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19 years old | college student | Philippines | A Shadowhunter, a Beastie,a Gleek, a Swiftie, and a member of the TVD Family | KDrama and Running Man lover | This is my blog, so I have the freedom to post whatever I want. | Follow me on Twitter: | (◕‿◕✿)

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Jace, you found my weakness. It’s water bubbles.

#Mortalinstruments #TMImovie #CityofBones #CoB


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So far I think this is the funniest scene from “The Heirs” :D

Lee Min Ho oppa is sooo cute! ^^

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tmi + disney quotes

Alec Lightwood + characteristics

Others say that Kevin Zegers looks a bit old for the role of the 18-year-old Alec Lightwood, but I think he’s perfectly fine! :)

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The New York Institute.

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TMI/TID 30 days edit challenge:

Edit of your favourite shadowhunter

∟Sebastian Morgenstern

I know Sebastian’s the antagonist but I still love him! :D

Now Reading: 
Chapter 20: The Infernal Devices

Now Reading:
Chapter 20: The Infernal Devices

Your love lifts me out of time and you know my heart by heart.

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Mischief managed.